Norway Sketch & Photo dump

I went on a week long cruise to Norway’s fjords for my grandma recently.  Absolutely stunning, although I was by far the youngest (and tallest?… as always) person on the cruise.

Anyway, I’ll overload this page with a ton of sketches which are done in black ballpoint pen (I always prefer sketching in pen to pencil) some charcoal, and water colour pencils. Also a some photos that turned out reasonably.

Old manPaddingtonStation

Man from a magazine-Paddigton Station-Victoria Coach Station

faces dumpFace dump 02Fjord

Faces on the deck-View of Fjords

On the train to London
Bergen housesBergen from a Height


Waiting in A London Port

And now for some photography! To be honest although I know a reasonable amount about form/composition/colour ect, I know jack shit about photography, so these are just done with a bit of touching up with photoshop and a averagy digital holiday snaps camera.


norway 042  norway 043

Seagulls in Flam valley



~ by alexbirchmore on June 18, 2009.

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